Major features in APRSISCE6P110517.zip and APRSIS32110517.zip

About version is 2011/05/17 18:27

Application identifier still APWW08 (Windows Desktop) and APWM08 (Windows Mobile)

Prevent runaway map prefetch - You can now resume use of this function.

Correct new/obsolete station visibility when running View / RF / All for an extended period (Lynn KJ4ERJ)

Make Clear / Clear Tracks plural (Steve G6UIM, I think)

Support viewing EchoLinks on MultiTracks, but only if loaded in the main window.

Fixed display of currently connected APRS-IS server on ME's station popup. This shows the actual IP address of a rotation DNS name translation. (Steve G6UIM)

Attempt to detect and ignore concatenated packets. They will show up in a new Concat trace log. Note that this may unfortunately find and ignore false positives like entire >dest,path,path,path: specifications in a message body, but how often does THAT occur?

Add Clear / Clear CQ/All Messages (CQ/ALL/QST per page 73 in aprs101.pdf). (G6UIM Steve & M6AKN Liz)

Add Clear / Clear Group Messages (<MessageGroup> in XML file). You probably won't get any of these for quite some time as the APRS-IS filters don't make it easy, but you can check the group message archives for reference to one possible use.

New XML configuration file elements

<Enables.DebugFile> <Enables.DebugStartup>
<TileServer.*> - Holds TileServer definitions, copied into <OSM.*> when selected
<Screen.SpeedSize> - Speed font multiplier (5 is default)
<NWS.Quality> - Quality of NWS shapefile interpretations
<Nickname.*> - Holds Nickname definitions
<View.Range.*> - Range Circle configuration options
More that I neglected to document…
<Objects.DefaultInterval> - Default Interval for new Objects (Minutes)
<Objects.MaxObjectKillXmits> - # of Kills to transmit before auto-disabling an object (Default 6)

Performance enhancements

Config / NWS Shapes / Qualilty especially for WinMo
ShapeFile indexing DRAMATICALLY improves shape object building after the first time.
Shape Object caching makes re-using specific areas much quicker after the first time.
Circle painting caches the painting bitmap for quick delivery back to the screen.
Reduced the TCP polling interval to improve WinMo CPU usage.

More (completed) ToDos in this and previous releases

For MultiLine storm objects that specify a course and speed, DR them based on publication time vs current time, but keep the area intact.
Add Trace Log memory consumption to double-click popup of APRS-IS OK pane. (I'm trying to get a handle on memory consumption under Windows Mobile).
Don't read a 0 for omitted parameters from an NMEA data string. This will instead mark the component as unavailable giving a — speed instead of 0 if a GPS drops out the speed element. If the GPS gives a ",0," then I'll still mark a valid 0.
Add "Speed" Trace log to diagnose some people's speed dropping intermittently to zero. It will show every change in speed as well as every transition from valid to invalid, but only if you Enable it. (I recommend checking Enables / Logging / File Enabled as well to look at this later).
Display "Me" with a different symbol than is beaconed (allows for red dot) (Fred N7FMH)
Limit the queue size and disable the Prefetch option if the queue is "too large" to be nicer to the servers. (Daniel KB3MUN)
Throttle map prefetch (vs on demand fetch) to a single thread to be nicer to the servers (Daniel KB3MUN)
Set aside a "priority" fetcher thread that only gets "high priority" (needed for display) entries. All threads will still get them, but this thread will do nothing but. (Daniel KB3MUN)

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