2011/08/20 02:06

Major features in APRSISCE6P110820.zip and APRSIS32110820.zip

About version is 2011/08/20 02:06

Application identifier is still APWW/APWM08

Support up to 24 channel GPS with Satellite View display

Passthrough NMEA data on KISS (TT4's GKRELAY) and TEXT (not generally useful) ports. More to follow.

Details for APRSISCE6P110820.zip and APRSIS32110820.zip

(My apologies for not crediting those that helped identify and test these features. My book-keeping has gotten a bit lax with busy-ness, but I am deeply indebted to each and every one of you.)

Added range and bearing to ?APRSD response

Support adopting a View / Echolinks link as a local object (for my trip).

Turn the error beep to a warning beep and do the proper beep for gone vs back.

Removed a bunch of the timing messages being sent to KJ4ERJ-DB.

Force a position beacon whenever the APRS-IS port (re)connects. This should work around a firenet.us server bust whereby after a restart, ALL weather stations are delivered until a new position beacon is transmitted.

NWS alert messages are detected and instead of offering chat buttons, a View (ShowMe?) button is presented allowing a MultiTrack or the main window to center on the alert area.

Dash and underscore NWS alerts are now merged into a single (counted) duplicate line when the message is viewed.

Hopefully I've fixed a hard-to-detect issue with clearing eavesdropped messages when first viewed instead of once for each end of the chat.

The scrolling station (packet) log will show a # if the station was heard inside a 3rd party packet (ie gated from -IS to RF). Third-party packets NEVER appear on APRS-IS, only RF, so the # is a superset of *. (Think # is a number and therefore 3rd)

QRU<callsign> objects are now marked as Mine to honor the Configure / Screen / Label / Callsign / Not Mine option.

Newly nicknamed objects should work without requiring a restart.

Only trigger a status report on a new DX if DX is included in the status report. Also, don't transmit an empty or timestamp-only Status Report.

Station popup menu now shows elapsed time since packet received instead of absolute time. Absolute time is still used in the station info popup dialog.

Right Click's Lat/Lon cascading menu now offers MultiTrack and Center Here to popup or center at that point, not just on a station.

Ranging MultiTracks now include an r/lat/lon/range in the filter if they're not tracking me.

Double-clicking on the scale number now alternates between centering on me and the Preferred (if set) view.

If you have a MultiTrack open on ME, it will not be offerered for remembering when APRSISCE/32 is closed.

Add GPS/NMEA checkbox to Port configuration to expect NMEA passthrough on that port.

Extract passthrough NMEA data from KISS (TT4's GKRELAY) and TEXT (KJ4DXK's MiLog/D700's in non-transmitting TNC mode) port types.

Default new NWS Entry Calls to disabled and queue internal message when one is discovered. Some stations are gating NWS messages to RF from firenet.us without 3rd party wrappers and IGates are appearing to be new NWS sources when those packets are gated back into APRS-IS from.

Suppress thread name from Packets trace log. This may extend to other less debug-ish trace logs in the future.

Control-L will rotate (increment) the APRSISCE/32nn.LOG file name and start a new un-numbered file. This is handy to close a log file and start a new one before doing some sort of test or event involving capturing packets or debug to the *.LOG file.

Control-O (Satellite Orbits) now uses the Lat/Lon of ME instead of Lynn's home QTH lat/lon!

Support up to 24 GPS satellites in view. The default is 12, but the bottom bar's rectangles will shrink and the maximum number simultaneously in view will set the total number of numbers presented. Once it grows beyond 12, it won't shrinkn as that makes things bounce around rather annoyingly when a variable number >12 are in view.

Don't force errors to <PortName> TraceLog after reconnect delay extends past 60 seconds. This will prevent runaway growth of .LOG files when disconnected ports are left enabled, especially BlueTooth and D72 ports.

?group objects are now treated like other objects. If they are enabled w/no Vias, they will display locally. If they are enabled with a non-zero interval, they will transmit periodically on the enabled Vias as well as on demand.

IStoRF messaging will no longer gate messages that have the IGate station already within the used path components. (N9ALD-10/KC8SWY/KC9QOV-11)
(Consider: 2011-06-08 21:17:04 UTC: N9ALD-10>APWW08,TCIP,AE0TB-6,W0HHF-3,WIDE1,WIDE2-1,K4MSU-3,WIDE1,KA4BNI-3,WIDE2,KC8SWY,KC8SWY,KC8SWY,KC8SWY,K9SQL-14*,qAR,K9IU-14::KC9QOV-11:Might check your beacon r)

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