2012/04/06 20:46

Here's the major features in APRSISCE6P120406.zip and APRSIS32120406.zip

About version is 2012/04/06 20:46

For those that were wanting JPEG map tile support, here it is.

For those that want to download non-standard tile URLs, simply flesh out the URL Prefix in your tile set with %z, %x, and %y as needed. For instance, the default tile set could now use "/%z/%x/%y.png" instead of the current "/" (if no %'s are found, then %z/%x/%y.png is assumed).

If you've got an inverted X or Y, then make it %!x or %!y.


Name: NationalMap
Server: server.arcgisonline.com : 80
URL: /ArcGIS/rest/services/World_Topo_Map/MapServer/tile/%z/%y/%x.jpg

Name: Terrain
Server: tile.stamen.com : 80
URL: /terrain-background/%z/%x/%y.jpg

And whatever that MapQuest tile set was that broke recently because it's now JPEGs in a PNG filename, it should work with no changes to the configuration at all as I first try a PNG and if that fails, I try loading the tile as a JPEG.

Extend the delays between failure retries to format weather station packets. (Kevin W7BOZ)

Replace embedded-space follow/object station IDs with a wildcard in automatic filters.

Use single digit directories for zoom 1-9 if they exist.

ANSRVR quiet keepalives now use a K command and a string of group names in a single message.

When turning off KeepAlive, setting the Interval to zero, or deleting an Announcment Group membership, fire an UnJoin to the server, either ANSRVR or CQSRVR as appropriate.

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