2012/08/29 21:31

(Download Full Release Notes & ToDo) as a File)

Here's the major features in APRSISCE6P120829.zip and APRSIS32120829.zip

About version is 2012/08/29 21:31

What's new, you might ask. Well, here's the big topics with more details below.

I had to rush this release out to fix a Frequency Specification parsing error if a Tnnn is the last thing in a packet and doesn't contain all 3 digits. Reception of this packet would terminate APRSISCE/32. (WA2VOY-7)

There's a new feature that will color Altitude-based tracks in red/green colors. Look for it on a station's popup Track cascading menu.

Mic-E notification messages have been cleaned up and make it easier to initiate a Chat with the station.

<DigiXform>s now support UIFLOOD-type digipeating. See See http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/doc:uiflood

Cleaned up !shriek! detection and extend to >Status Report packets as well. Also detect and reject more invalid packets. (Made the parser pickier)

Extract additional information from raw NMEA packets.

Parse grid squares from Status Reports and display as ambiguous area if no better coordinate has been heard.

Control-C (Copy) will copy map or message box contents to the clipboard for pasting directly into e-mail clients or elsewhere.

DX detection can now put entries in Kenwood APRS radio's DX list.

Note: If you have saved enables on your port Trace Logs or DigiNOT, you'll need to look for the new Port(YourPortName) and Digi(NOT) logs to manually enable.

Read the nitty gritty details from Development here

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