Clicking send message from the message menu brings up a box to enable entering of the callsign of the station you wish to message. You then proceed to the message window. (clicking a station and selecting send message bypasses the callsign selection box)

The message window allows entering of up to 300 characters, which are split automatically into 64 character APRS messages.
There several options on this window.

  • Clear
    Clears the message window
  • Copy
    Copys the text in the window to the buffer for pasting into another application
  • Multitrack
    Opens a new tracking window centered on the station being messaged
  • Ack
    unselect this if you do not wish to have an acknowledgement of your message. (useful for satellite work)
  • Best
    This option changes it's title. and can be slightly confusing at first
    use RF or IS as the program determines the best option.
    RF Only
    Unticked this will send the message via IS only, Ticked the message will go RF only (useful for Satellite work)

See also Message Retries Messaging Explained

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