APRS Authors

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(Based on an October 2013 aprssig roll call)

APRS Client Authors or Supporters:

Callsign Name Product - Link
DO1GL Georg Lukas APRSdroid - http://aprsdroid.org/
G4HYG Chris Moulding APRS & Raynet Messenger - http://www.crosscountrywireless.net/aprs_messenger.htm
G8BPQ John Wiseman BPQ32/APRS - http://www.cantab.net/users/john.wiseman/Documents/BPQAPRS.htm
K7JD Joe Dubner Aircraft APRS - http://www.mail2600.com/cgi-bin/everyone.cgi
KA2DDO Andrew Pavlin YAAC - http://www.ka2ddo.org/ka2ddo/YAAC.html
KJ4ERJ Lynn Deffenbaugh APRSISCE/32/DR/MO - http://aprsisce.wikidot.com
NA6BR Chuck Bland APRSTW - http://aprstw.blandranch.net/
NV6G Greg Carter OpenAPRS - http://www.openaprs.net/
OH7LZB1 Hessu Heikki Hannikainen aprs.fi - http://aprs.fi
SV2AGW1 George Rossoppoylos AGWtracker - http://www.agwtracker.com/
WB4APR Bob Bruninga APRSdos
WE7U Curt Mills SmartPalm - http://smartpalm.sourceforge.net/
Xastir - http://www.xastir.org
ZL4FOX1 Bart SARtrack - http://www.sartrack.co.nz/

APRS Hardware/Embedded or Headless clients:

Callsign Name Product - Link
EA5HAV1 Javier Martin? Trackuino - http://www.trackuino.org/
G4HYG Chris Moulding Digi Tracker - http://www.crosscountrywireless.net/
K7RKT Greg Clark BigRedBee - http://www.bigredbee.com/
KE4NYV Jason Rausch RTrak - http://www.rpc-electronics.com
N1VG Scott Miller (Open)Tracker2/3 family - http://www.argentdata.com/
N6BG Byon Garrabrant TinyTrak3/4 + MicroTrak - http://www.byonics.com/
VE2YAG1 Remi Bilodeau Yag/Express Tracker - http://www.rpc-electronics.com/yagtracker.php
W2FS John Hansen TNC-X family - http://tnc-x.com/

Headless or Embedded IGates:

Callsign Name Product - Link
OH2MQK Matti Aarnio Aprx - http://wiki.ham.fi/Aprx English
??????1 ???? aprs4r - http://www.aprs4r.org English

APRS-IS Server Software:

Callsign Name Product - Link
AE5PL1 Pete Lovell javAPRSSrvr - http://www.aprs-is.net/javAPRSSrvr/
OH7LZB1 Hessu Heikki Hannikainen aprsc - http://he.fi/aprsc/

APRS Libraries and Utilities:

Callsign Name Product - Link
AB0OO John Gorkos APRS-Alert - http://www.aprs-alert.net/
JavAPRSLib - https://github.com/ab0oo/javAPRSlib
AE5PL1 Pete Lovell javAPRS - http://www.aprs-is.net/javAPRS/
KA9MVA Steve Bragg SmartBeaconing - http://www.hamhud.net/hh2/smartbeacon.html
KD2CNQ Christopher Casebeer AFSK/APRS - https://github.com/casebeer/afsk
UZ7HO1 Andrey Kopanchuk Soundmodem - http://uz7ho.org.ua/packetradio.htm
WB2OSZ1 John Langner Dire Wolf - http://home.comcast.net/~wb2osz/site/?/home/
WX4CB Charles Blackburn Linux QRU Server

Not recently active authors:

Callsign Name Product - Link
G4IDE Roger Barker (SK) UI-View - http://www.ui-view.org/
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