Downloading the wiki
Downloading the wiki
The contents of this wiki can easily be downloaded on your computer for off-line viewing. This can be done with a number of free and commercial tools readily available with a search on your favorite search engine. This describes how to accomplish this task with a free tool called HTTrack .
  • Download the version appropriate for your operating system
  • Start HTTrack
  • Press 'Next' to start a new project
  • Pick a Project name in the top text box. I used APRSIS32-Documentation
  • Leave the Project category empty (it appears to have no meaningful effect)
  • Pick a location for your files and enter it in the Base path field. I used c:\aprsis32 where I also store the program.
  • Press 'Next'
  • Leave the 'Action' as default, 'Download web site(s)'
  • Enter (copy/paste) the address of the wiki in the large text box (no need to press the 'add URL' button):
  • Press 'Next'
  • Press 'Finish', the download starts right away. Depending on the speed of your connection and computer this may tke a little while.
  • To browse the downloaded wiki you can double click on the index.html, it should open in your browser. You can bookmark this file in your browser like any other location or create a shortcut somewhere else.
  • The project is saved as a .whtt file in the directory you specified earlier. This file can be loaded in HTTrack and the downloaded content synchronized with the wiki. You can also remove the existing files and re-download from scratch.
  • I recommend attempting to browse your downloaded documentation before depending on it in the field. Do this by disabling your internet connection on your computer. All wiki pages should display properly.

contributed by Sander W1SOP

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