The design of APRSISCE/32 is to assist with sending e-mail from the client. If you use Messages / Send EMail, simply enter the target e-mail address in the To: dropdown entry field and your message text in the Text: field. The client will send an APRS message to the configured e-mail server (default EMAIL-2) properly formatted with the To: e-mail address first followed by the Text: The To: e-mail address cannot have any spaces. APRSISCE/32 will record all entered e-mail addresses and provide them in the drop-down for future messages.

If you want to use Messages / Send Message (the harder way), you can send it to either EMAIL (the old server, sometimes down) or EMAIL-2 (the new server with more capabilities), but in this case you need to put the e-mail address as the first "word" of the Text: box. And APRSISCE/32 won't record e-mail addresses in this mode so you'll have to enter them every time.

You can also use Messages / Send EMail to set up shortcuts as long as you haven't changed the default e-mail server from EMAIL-2. Simply enter the shortcut into the To: box and the e-mail address in Text: and EMAIL-2 will record that shortcut for future use. This lets you put more text in the message because the shortcut is usually shorter than an e-mail address. By setting up shortcuts, others can even send e-mail back to your APRS client!

See http://www.aprs-is.net/Email.aspx for additional details on the EMAIL-2 server and the POP3 support that it has.

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