No Visible Stations
No Visible Stations
Why am I not seeing any stations around Me?

1) Make sure View / All is checked. Otherwise, you're only asking to view a sub-set of stations. Note: the View settings are NOT saved across restarts for this reason.

2) What do you have set in Configure / General / Range? If it is zero, you're not asking for any stations around Me.

3) Make sure Me is where you really are. The Range goes off of the last transmitted position of Me.

4) Are you sure there are any stations nearby to see? Increase range to something like 2000 (200 miles), zoom out and wait to see if anything shows up.

Finally, the Range and other filters only affect the APRS-IS (Internet) feed. All stations received via RF are displayed unless disabled by the View menu selections.

See also: Automatic Filters

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