We are only able to provide passcodes to licensed Radio Amateurs who are using APRSISCE/32 so please supply a valid callsign when applying.

There are no passwords required to be able to use APRSISCE/32. The term APRS-IS password is used quite frequently and incorrectly. The correct term is passcode. This passcode is actually a hash code computed against your callsign, and is used strictly by the APRS-IS servers to validate the connection to the server. It is assumed that someone connecting to the APRS-IS server with a valid passcode is a licensed amateur radio operator. Because the passcode is based solely on your callsign, and has no bearing on the application being used, your passcode which is unique to your callsign will remain the same no matter which application you use.

The APRS-IS network requires an authentication passcode before packets will be accepted. You will be able to receive packets from the APRS-IS but will not be able to send packets into the IS network.

This is the same passcode granted your callsign if you have used other APRS-IS clients in the past. If you are new to APRS or do not remember your APRS-IS passcode, please send an e-mail to ot.edisemoh|edocssap#tseuqeR edocssaP for a passcode. Make sure you include your name (as it appears on your license), your callsign, and the fact that you need a passcode for APRSISCE/32
The "reply-to" email address must be able to receive our email in order for you to receive the passcode.
At this time a "reply-to" email addresses (at) do not seem to receive our reply emails. They get returned "undeliverable".

If your beaconed positions are not showing up on APRS Internet sites like or findu, an incorrect passcode is the most probable cause (second only to not having an active Internet connection! or having Enables / Internet Access unchecked).

Note that since states the following (emphasis theirs), only APRSISCE/32 users can get an APRS-IS passcode following the instructions above.

It is the responsibility of each software author to provide the proper passcode to their individual users.

Note the moderators of the APRSISCE group are able to provide ot.edisemoh|edocssap#sedocssap for APRSISCE/32 so you do not need to contact KJ4ERJ directly.

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