APRS Queries
APRS Queries
Below is a list of standard and Non standard queries that the software will respond to
?APRSD Respond with stations heard direct (no hops used) on RF recently*
?APRSL Respond stations heard locally* on RF recently*
?APRSH Respond with station's packet counts heard via any path with the I+D+d+R type numbers.
?APRSH * Respond with stations heard on RF recently*
?APRSM Ask the station to requeue pending messages for the requester for transmission
?APRSO Queue all normally beaconed objects (enabled w/interval) the station has for retransmission
?APRSP Trigger a forced position beacon
?APRSS Respond with the configured ports and status of the station
?APRST Respond with the path over which the request was heard
?PING? Is the same as ?APRST
?ABOUT Station software and OS info
?APRSV Same as about
?VER Same as about
?DX Respond with furthest heard RF station in the current clock hour
?IGATE Information on igating status
  • Recently (time) and locally (hops) configurable in the future, default is 30 minutes and 2 used hops. These are the same parameters used to determine if messages will be gated for a station from -IS to RF.

I = Station-originated Packets received via APRS-IS
G = Station-gated Packets (callsign-SSID is after q-construct)
D = Station-digi'd Packets heard on -IS (1st copy digipeats)
d = Station-digi'd Packets heard on RF (local-only digipeats)
R = Station-originated Packets received via RF

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