Weather Stations
Weather Stations

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New Configure / Objects / New Weather - Prompts for a file name and location and otherwise works like a new object. If the weather file cannot be accessed during a poll, the object automatically disables itself with a message in the Trace Log which is also brought to the front.

If your weather software creates and updates a file that looks like this Wxnow.txt, then APRSISCE/32 should be able to monitor it, format proper APRS packets, and transmit it over APRS-IS, RF, or both.

1) Pan and Zoom to where the weather station is (or just Screen / Follow / ME)
2) Configure / Objects / New Weather
3) Yes to create at screen center
4) Navigate to where the WxNow.txt file will be refreshed (must have one there)
5) Check Enabled, give it a station-SSID
6) If you want it to be a true station, check Station, otherwise it will be a weather object owned by your APRSISCE/32 callsign-SSID
7) Select a timestamp format, update interval, via IS, RF or both
8) If RF, set a path.
9) Accept and you're running!

Those of you using Davis Weatherlink V5.6 or above might like to try the following DLL for generating wxnow.txt files WXnow addon


Tempest setup

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