Cross Country Wireless Digi Tracker

The Cross Country Wireless (CCW) Digi Tracker is currently only fully supported in the development version.

To use the Development version please follow the instructions here

Note editing the XML file for both the development version and to set the required <Open/CloseCmd>s requires the software to not be running.

Once you have downloaded the development version and restarted. configure a new port
Configure/Ports/New Port and in the type drop down menu select CONVerse port Type give it a name then select the COM port option. The parameters for the com port should be set to 4800 Baud, 8 Data bits, No Parity (or whatever you have the TNC configured for).

When you have created the port, close APRSISCE/32 and then edit the XML file to enter open/close commands for the port info, enter the following open entries:

<OpenCmd>echo off|OK|3</OpenCmd>
<OpenCmd>digi on|OK|3</OpenCmd>
<OpenCmd>myalias wide1-1|OK|3</OpenCmd>
<OpenCmd>beacon every 0|OK|3</OpenCmd>

If you want the TNC to go back to it's default configuration when disabling the port or closing APRSIS32, enter the following close entries:

<CloseCmd>echo on!OK!3</CloseCmd>
<CloseCmd>digi on!OK!3</CloseCmd>

Restart the software for these changes to take effect.

Please make sure that APRSISCE/32 and the Tracker have different SSIDs

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