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hello //
Some of the more dull colors, YELLOW for example, are totally illegible in my old eyes. I searched through what I believe was all the drop-down's and never found a way to change the colors.
Help, anyone?

Font Colors on Messages boxes by NR4U BobNR4U Bob, 29 Mar 2024 13:03

Please provide a passcode to:
James Kerns

Thank you.
Jim Kerns

Passcode request by Jim KernsJim Kerns, 21 Jan 2024 01:14

Hi I'm having the same issue did you ever get a reply to your question and if so can you please share

Chris VE3CGB


I am trying to interface an FTM100dr to the APRSISCE program via DigiRig.
I setup the serial com-port in APRSISCE for the FTM100dr
When I (enable) the FTM100dr port the radio goes into transmit mode immediately and stays locked up.
In the com port setup, I chose Simple Kiss mode. The com port setup does not seem to have an RTS/CTS or PTT controls?
There is no drop down menu for the FTM100dr so i chose Simple Kiss mode.
Has anyone tried a similar setup?
Does anyone have any tips of suggestions for this problem?

thanks Tom

Same problem here. Did you get your resolved? I don't see any responses to your post.


I recently downloaded APRSISCE/32. Everything is OK except the scroller box is ony 1 1/4 inches high. How do is lengthen the size of the box?

APRSISCE scroller box size by af5aaaf5aa, 15 Sep 2023 20:07

I am new to the APRSIS program so I am sure that there's something I am doing wrong here. When I enter my information, the program turns into a half inch tall white box across my screen. It looks like maybe it's a narrow slice out of the program screen. Nothing I do can make it change. I have to stop the program in task manager to get it to stop.

What am I doing wrong?

Steve, W6SM

Trouble Installing APRSIS by W6SDMW6SDM, 09 Sep 2023 05:48

I've a similar question. What do all the colours mean in the Scroller? My callsign is highlighted in yellow, I think the callsign being tracked highlights in red, but I can see green callsigns, yellow callsigns, brown callsigns, and they change colour when you move the crosshairs over the map. I can't see a key to how it works so I'd be grateful of an easy explanation please.

Re: Red callsign by RodCRodC, 06 Sep 2023 13:56

Can anyone tell me why my callsign appears red? I can't find a key to tell me the different color codes.

Red callsign by Evan WildingerEvan Wildinger, 25 Jul 2023 16:05

Wanting a Windows APRS client software to xmit/rcv and message APRS with my FT8900 and DigiRig. The radio and DigiRig works fine with Winlink and UZ7HO. I'm not reciving RF stations and when enabled it keeps the radio keyed. Also can't xmit. The DigiRig uses Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge driver.

DigiRig and FT8900 by ww9zww9z, 02 Jul 2023 01:49

I am using APRSIS32 to help manage SAG units on several simultaneous bike rides. I can import the GPX file from the ride organizer and the routes show up fine. I can change the appearance of each route. But the mileage markers and other icons in the original file do not show up. Is there any solution to this?


GPX Overlay Import by kg7leakg7lea, 29 May 2023 19:15

I am requesting a Passcode for K7OGW
73 and Thanks for your time!

Passcode Please by K7OGWK7OGW, 03 Feb 2023 03:07

Kind of a rude response. You obviously have some skill in computers since you are trying to set up this software.

Had you right-clicked on the blue hot-link for emailing, and selected COPY EMAIL ADDRESS you would have gotten ot.edisemoh|edocssap#ot.edisemoh|edocssap

No need to be rude to people who are doing a service FOR FREE.

Re: Passcode, I need one. by W1MGFW1MGF, 11 Aug 2022 21:57

When I go to Configure - Ports - MyNewPort - I see the Inherit box is checked but greyed out and there is no entry in MyCall-ssid box. Is this normal? I specified this information when I first started the software and I see the information when I go to Configure - General. Wondering if this is normal as my TinyTrak4 lights flash when I hear APRS traffic on my Yeasu FT857d radio but nothing is getting gated into the internet when I Transmit and the radio is not keying up. Wondering about the software side. I realize this is not a Yeasu forum. Thanks. Great software. I have used it years ago and am trying to resurect it on a new PC.

Re: Ports by Jon E KreskiJon E Kreski, 29 May 2022 23:25

Hello, I’m building a man-portable setup for emcomm, ares, races, etc. I’m using a Toughpad with cellular connectivity with a Harris XG100M. I need to be able to bidirectional igate when cellular is connected and fill-in digipeat when I’m not connected. Is there a way to accomplish this? Any help would be most welcomed!


Digipeat and igate switching??? by KF5WCWKF5WCW, 27 Apr 2022 01:23

Good Evening All,

David WB5HJV and I are trying to implement the recommendations contained in Bob's article from 2005 on the APRS website titled "Fixing LA". Unfortunately I am not familiar with the command structure in APRSISCE/32. David is the operator of the W9MAC-1 digitpeater/gateway in Houston and I am trying to assist him in this implementation.

This is what we have so far:

<RFPort Name="TNC2">

I would appreciate any useful comments or suggestion as to what I am missing.



Re: Digi form line by KD4DRA RickKD4DRA Rick, 21 Oct 2021 17:45

I would like a screenshot of someone with a working fill in digi, where to place the digi form line, when I edit my APRSIS xml file. Thanks Rick

Digi form line by KD4DRA RickKD4DRA Rick, 22 Sep 2021 17:24

I have a kenwood TH-D74 HT with TNC APRS built in and want to know what setting in the RF Port ro other settings I need to use so I can be mobile and still see the APRS stations around me????

I'm having issues trying to get a passcode. When I try to request a passcode, it tries to open an email window for an email program that I don't use and then asks me to enable two-factor authentication. I cannot find the email address on the site.

I'm trying to setup just an iGate as there are none nearby.

Name: Patrick F. Burke
Call: AJ4WC

Need Passcode by AJ4WCAJ4WC, 14 Mar 2021 20:28
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