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Yay! The latest development release has bright or dim as a map fading option! That is much better for night time viewing! Thanks!

Anyone else interested in this feature, search the development version on this site. I'd post the link, but I'm apparently too new of a user to make links yet.

Check one of the Screen / Labels / Speed options.

Beaconed = Only shows if the station is beaconing
Calculated = Calculates delta distances over delta time - Can swing wildly
Average = As Calculated, but over a longer time period - smoother
All - Shows all available speeds - Good to assist you in selecting which makes the most sense to you

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

When I switch to multi-track view, I'd love to see the last reported speed of the person I'm following. Similar to how I see me own speed when I'm following myself.

I've seen a number of users broadcast what frequencies they are monitoring when they pop-up on the Frequency Monitor. How do I take advantage of this feature, and broadcast the frequencies I'm monitoring when I'm out and about?

I have done my due diligents in searching the wiki, but all I can figure is that it has something to do with creating objects.

KD8LKQ - Tim D.

Frequency Monitor by TchGimmickTchGimmick, 21 Jan 2017 05:52

First let me say I love APRSISCE! I've checked out a number of different ones out there, and this is hands down the best and most intuitive one that I've seen. It will remain my favorite APRS software.

Now to the feature request. I'm looking for a quick and easy way to copy GPS coordinates to the clipboard. I do this so that I can then paste them into Street Atlas. Either for making a point of interest, or to plan a route to the address/coordinates.

The fastest way I've seen thus far, and correct me if I'm wrong, is to: click on a station>RemRF>CTRL+C>Paste the info into a text document>Select the GPS coordinates>CTRL+C again>And then Paste into the search of my navigation software.

It works, but an option for copy GPS to clipboard would make connecting my navigation software to APRSISCE much easier!

Again, thanks for the AMAZING software, I'm so glad I stumbled across it.

73, KD8LKQ - TimD

I have used Delorme Street Atlas on my Toughbook in my SUV for a long time, and one of the features that I had at first wrote off as silly, I discovered was very useful, and I use it regularly now. That feature was what Delorme calls High Contrast Mode.

When you enabled, it turns the background of all the maps to black, instead of white. And it is very useful for night time driving, when you don't want a white screen shining in your eyes.

I imagine from a programmer's perspective this is a real nightmare since I gather the maps are downloaded pictures, and altering them would be a pain in the neck. Perhaps though it could be done in rendering? Some kind of color substitution?

Anyways, I joined the wikidot to throw this request out there.

High Contrast/Night Viewing by TchGimmickTchGimmick, 21 Jan 2017 04:57

I would also like this feature very much!

Re: User Selectable Sounds by TchGimmickTchGimmick, 21 Jan 2017 04:49

I would like something in this area. The notification pop-ups are nice, but I would like something in addition such as flashing in the task bar. On a side note, a customizable notification sound instead of just using the windows basic sounds would be very much appreciated.

KD8LKQ - Tim D.

ANSRVR distributes posts to a group as if they came from the station that sent it to the group. The recipient of an ANSRVR-distributed message only knows it came via a group because of the N:<Group> prefix in the text. APRSISCE/32 (nor any other APRS client that I know of) shows these in individual conversations, not a group conversation. This is also true of CQSRVR-distributed messages which are sourced the same way.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

Love this software!

I am a noob and have tried to find an answer in the documentation. Please help me to reconfigure it so responses from others in ANSRVR chat box are displayed in the chat box. Currently the messages from others in the group (ANSRVR) slide in from the right side of the screen for a few seconds and then disappear. Using WIN 10.

Many thanks!

I will be setting up a new igate above Los Angeles. Surprisingly there are virtually no igates here on any of the mountain tops!
I will have remote access to the PC on the site but just want to get any insights and input first.
Also can aprsg send an auto reply to any messages sent to the igate SSID?
Also have not settled on a TNC as of yet. I have exp with KAM, AEA, TNC-X, Soundmodem. Are there any other reliable but low cost options out there?

The best place to ask questions is in the APRSISCE Yahoo group. There's a lot more folks over there that can answer your questions.

well… I am a fellow "curious" guy who has been thinking that I would find some responses here, too bad that here aren't any… that's depressive.

Please re-send your request. Sometimes Yahoo drops e-mails and we've cleared all that we've received to date.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

Re: Still issuing passwords? by Lynn (D)Lynn (D), 08 Nov 2016 10:21

hi guys, are the admins still issuing passcodes for APRSISCE/32? I've had my request out there for a couple of days and was wondering how long one has to wait.


Still issuing passwords? by Randy K1RORRandy K1ROR, 08 Nov 2016 07:47

I'm curious about this as well. I'd like to put some weather info in the beacon status area. I can get the weather object to work, no problem, just would rather just have the one object. Not sure I understand how it works.

I am using a UDRC2 from NWDigital radio, the UDRC2 goes on a Raspberry Pi and uses Direwolf sound modem program that has a TCIP KISS or AGWPE interface.

The UDRC has two transmit ports, when using Xastir and configuring an "interface" this is called the "Radio Transmit Port"

Port 1 is 9600 baud
Port 2 is 1200 baud

APRSIS32 seems to only use port 0.

I actually saw an error message from APRSIS32 that said something like "invalid radio port 0" or something like that.

But I can not tell you where I saw that error as I just spent 5 minutes going through the numerous menus trying to figure out how I displayed the error messages.

But anyway how can I set APRSIS32 to use radio port 2?

Setting Transmit port by ZillabobZillabob, 22 Oct 2016 06:31

Good Morning,
I am deeply involved with emergency communications. I have been in packet radio and aprs for many years. I was using uiview for that time. There is one thing I miss and that is not being able to enter a direct path or no path at all to a close station. If a person can send a message direct and not have to go through the digi's , it cuts down on traffic and messages are a lot quicker. Thank you for all you folks do. This is a great program.


Message paths by steve galbraithsteve galbraith, 03 Oct 2016 14:02

The website says the latest version was released in 2012, is that correct? Is the software no longer being developed/maintained?

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