I started my working life as an apprentice in an electronics factory, and gained a qualification as an electronics engineer. During my time at the factory I made Tantalum and electrolytic capacitors, submerged repeater capacitors (designed to go into transatlantic cable guaranteed life of 25 years)
After my apprenticeship I started working in the design department, designing and building switch mode powers supplies for Travelling Wave Tubes. (High power microwave amplifiers) this included writing firmware for the control logic. Claim to fame I was part of the team that built the amp that transmitted the TV to the UK from the Reykjavík Summit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reykjavik_Summit
The factory also produced 4CX250 and 2C39 valves, which made me an extremely popular ham. Lol
After leaving the factory I have mostly worked in schools, with a stint designing and making aids for disabled children.
I became a Radio Amateur in 1983 and ran a packet BBS for a number of years, becoming interested in APRS in the last few years.
And of course recently flew a paper plane

Steve Daniels

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