Initial Startup
Initial Startup

The new (2010/09/10) fresh installation startup sequence is now:

Note: You MUST be connected to the Internet on the first use as you won't see any maps otherwise so it'll be really difficult to set your "Home" location! Once your familiar with the program and have a bunch of map tiles loaded, APRSISCE/32 works fine offline (assuming, of course, that you have an RF interface!).

0) Unzip the APRSIS32.ZIP (APRSISCE6P.ZIP) file to an empty directory.

Note: Windows 7 and Windows Vista users: Do NOT put this directory under "Program Files" or any other Windows-Protected directory or the About-based automatic update will not work properly.

1) Double-click APRSIS32.EXE (APRSISCE6P.EXE on Windows Mobile)

2) Enter callsign-SSID and press Enter or click Accept

3) Drag and zoom to find "Home" and click Transmit (prompt remains at bottom of screen)

4) Done. Up and running and watching the APRS world.

5) You can use File Manager (Windows Explorer) to Copy the .EXE and Paste a Shortcut onto the Start Menu or wherever you'd like one. Renaming the shortcut is fine after it has been created.

Here's a video by G4ILO, SK, that demonstrates the installation process on a Windows PC:

There's also a description of the install process on G4ILO's website:
IMPORTANT: G4ILO page still references the Yahoo! Group which has been disbanded. Use the information below to request a passcode.

Note: If you don't have an APRS-IS passcode for your callsign, send an e-mail to ot.edisemoh|edocssap#ot.edisemoh|edocssap Passcode Request or direct to ten.lrra|JRE4JK#ten.lrra|JRE4JK to request one. Make sure you include your name (as it occurs on your license), your callsign, and the fact that it's for APRSISCE/32.

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