APRSISCE/32 is an advanced Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) Client for Amateur Radio, written for Windows and Windows Mobile (CE). It will also run on Linux and Mac OS under WINE, as well as other virtual machines.

APRSISCE/32 can be configured to run connected directly to the APRS-IS via an internet connection, as well as connected to the APRS-RF network via AGWPE, a TNC, or one of the APRS capable Radios including the Kenwood TH-D72/TM-D710 and Yaesu FTM-350.
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APRS32 screenshot

IGate - Configurable IGate for messages, objects, …
Digipeater - Flexible Digi setup to meet local needs
Update - Integrated updates with Internet access

Overview of APRSISCE/32
APRSISCE/32 is a sophisticated Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) client, which unlike many other clients aims to accurately implement the entire APRS specification. And make allowances for those clients that do not.
The software also includes many advanced features, as alluded to in the feature list above.

APRSISCE/32 is under active development, and the development version is regularly updated and also freely available, New users are encouraged to use the general release version until they are familiar with the software.

The wiki is reasonably comprehensive and users are advise to use it to find out about the software via the site navigation Link. Although the wiki is being constantly updated for support and for requesting features you would like added, please join the Yahoo Support Group if you are an new user you may need a Passcode]

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