Transmit Enables Messages Screen View Configure Clear About Exit
APRS-IS Enabled Read Message Dead Reckoning All General… Clear Eavesdrop
AutoSave GPX Send Message… Filter Circle None Genius… Clear CQ/All Messages
Beaconing Send Email… Tracks Altitudes Status Clear Group Messages
CVS Enabled Pending Messages Direction Finding AltNet Beacon Clear My Messages
GPS Enabled Announcements Follow Buddies DX Clear NWS Messages
Internet Access Auto-Reply Labels Duplicates Map Clear Stations
OSM Fetch Enabled Bulletins PHG Range Circles Invalids Messages Clear Tracks
Sound Enabled Chat Preferred Message-able Metric Accumulated
Telemetry Enabled Tile Set Nicknamed NWS Configured
Ports NWS Objects NWS Shapes
Logging Objects Objects
View Logs Skywarn Overlays
Telemetry Ports
Tracks Screen
Echolinks… Scroller
GeoCaches… Status Report
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