Clear Eavesdrops
If you have eavesdrop enabled in the messages configure menu. This option will remove all messages received that are NOT addressed to your callsign.

Clear CQ/All Messages
Removes all messages received addressed to ALL, CQ and QST

Clear My Messages
Removes all messages addressed to your callsign, including those addressed to different SSID's if My messages is configured.

Clear NWS Messages
If you have setup to use the National Weather Service, this option will clear all received messages.

Clear Stations
This option will clear the map of all displayed stations.

Clear Tracks
Clears the map display of all tracks


  • Clear AltNets
    Clear the list of received Alternate Networks
  • Clear Bulletins
    Clear the list of received Bulletins
  • Reset MaxWidth Station
    Resets the width of the scrolling station list, to a minimum size, until a station with a longer name is received
  • Clear Telemetry
    Clears the list of received telemetry


  • Clear Auto Replies
    Clears all of the configured Auto Reply responses. A new auto reply comment will need to be added afterwards. If auto replies are in use.
  • Beacon Comments
    Clears all of the configured beacon comments. The current Beacon comment will not be removed
  • Clear Status Reports
    Clears all of the configured status reports. A new Status report will need to be entered if in use.
  • Clear Symbols
    Clears the list of symbols except the symbol currently in use for the station.
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