Configure Messages
Configure Messages
This menu drop down is used to configure what messages are received.

My Messages
Selecting this option will enable reception and display of any message addressed to your callsign regardless of the SSID the message is sent to.

RF Eavesdrop
This option enables the display of any message received over your local RF ports regardless of who the message is addressed to

Enables the reception and display of any message that the software sees, depends very much on your APRS server filter settings. NOT recommended if you are receiving a full feed!

Hide Queries
This option hides any queries someone makes to your station such as ?ARPSH etc. Otherwise queries will show in the message box.

Notify Queries
When a query arrives at your station a popup balloon will appear to inform you of the query, otherwise the query will just show under messages. In any case, the query will be automatically answered.

Notify New
When a new message arrives a popup balloon will appear to inform you, handy if you have the software minimized, but somewhat bothersome when Windows queues notifications on an unattended machine.

Multitrack New Items
When an object arrives as an item in a message, each object will show in a new multitrack window, if not selected the objects will only
show on the main map.

Lookup (WHOIS)
This option allow selection of the amount of data received when a WHOIS search is done, if checked WHOIS will hopefully respond with the address related to the callsign looked up.

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