Configure Status Report
Configure Status Report
The Status Configuration dialog allows setting both the Beacon Comment (redundant with Configure General and the Configure Status Report).

Beacon Comment:

Comment - This is the same comment string configurable in Configure General and also selectable via Configure Beacon.

Interval - The default value of 0 causes the comment to be included with every position beacon (if enabled in Configure Beacon. APRSISCE/32 also supports only including the comment on position beacons at a configurable interval. A position beacon won't be triggered just to carry the comment, but the comment will be sent at most once in each configured interval. Note that some APRS radios think the station has significantly changed if the comment is or is not present, so you might be asked why your station keeps triggering the display on those radios as if the station was newly received.

Status Report - The status report is a completely different specification in APRS than the beacon comment. See chapter 16 in aprs101.pdf for details.

Enabled - If checked, status report packets will be periodically generated by APRSISCE/32.

GridSquare - If checked, the current GridSquare will be included in the Status Report. Use this with caution if you are also transmitting position beacons as the position resolution between the GridSquare and Lat/Lon coordinates is significantly different, possibly resulting in a station that ping-pongs between two locations depending on which packet was heard most recently.

Timestamp - If checked, the current timestamp (ddhhmm zulu, unfortunately not hhmmss) will be included in the Status Report. This can be handy in demonstrating packet delays in the APRS RF network possibly in excess of the 30 second APRS-IS duplicate filter causing two instances of a single Status Report to appear on APRS-IS. Without a timestamp, it's hard to prove that the packet was duplicated.

Status - This is the actual text included in the Status Report. Also selectable via Configure Status Report.

Interval - Status Report packets will be generated every Interval minutes.

PHG - Inserts a Power/Height/Gain string into the Beacon Comment. See Configure General.

Accept / Cancel - IOMCO (Intuitively Obvious to the Most Casual Observer)

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