Enables Menu
Enables Menu
The Enables menu allows you to Enable (and Disable) various settings within APRSISCE/32. Currently the TraceLogs are also accessed via this menu.

APRS-IS Enabled - This option enables a live connection to the configured APRS-IS server. Access to the server also requires that Internet Access also be enabled.

AutoSave GPX - If checked, a .GPX file is automatically saved containing your recorded track if your station moves. The file will be named <callsign-SSID>-YYYYMMDD-HHMM.gpx and stored in the same directory as the XML configuration file. The "Save Track" on a station popup menu will record the same format file for any station.

Beaconing Enabled - If checked, allows APRSISCE/32 to generate position updates (beacons) for transmission via APRS. Individual settings on the APRS-IS and RF Ports control where such beacon packets are actually transmitted.

CSV Enabled - If checked, causes APRSISCE/32 to write a YYYYMMDD-HHMM.csv (Comma-Separated Values) file containing each unique location where a beacon was triggered. This value is written whether or not an actual beacon was actually transmitted.

GPS Enabled - Enables or disables the GPS. If this option is disabled, then a GPS has not yet been configured via Configure / Ports / NMEA.

Internet Access - If this option is not checked, all Internet access by APRSISCE/32 is suspended. This will disable APRS-IS, Map Tile fetching, and Version update checking.

OSM Fetch Enabled - Enables the fetching of new map tiles if a required one is not available in the local cache. Disabling Internet Access also disables this function. The tile purger is also disabled if this function is not checked. (See also Configure / Map / Purger)

Sound Enabled - Enables or disables sounds generated by APRSISCE/32.

Telemetry Enabled - If checked, allows APRSISCE/32 to generate telemetry packets for transmission via APRS. Individual settings on the APRS-IS and RF Ports control where such telemetry packets are actually transmitted. Even if telemetry is disabled, it will be processed locally to display if requested.

Enables the data ports, KISS and IP ports, APRS-IS and NEMA ports are enabled elsewhere .
Enables all ports listed in the menu.
Enable logging of all the listed ports
Disables transmission on the listed ports

Enable debug logging of various data

View Logs
View the various debug logs if they are enabled

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