Save Posits

From the 2011/11/17 15:07 Release Notes:

Finally added Configure / Save Posits / Filter… and Reload Paths. The
former shows how many stations will be saved with the current filter (0
if you have an invalid filter or no filter) and allows entry of an
APRS-IS-style filter. The latter does a double-pass over the saved
posits during reload in an attempt to re-establish the paths between
them. A double-pass is necessary as a path is not recorded unless the
station is already known, so the first loading pass generates an
incomplete path picture. If Reload Paths is not checked, then NO paths
will be reloaded (speeding the reload somewhat), but allowing new paths
to be learned quickly as the digi/igate stations will (hopefully) have
been reloaded (if you restart soon enough that your saved stations don't
age out 30 seconds after loading).

From the 2011/11/15 16:02 Release Notes:

For the adventurous among you, there's a new XML element called
<SavedPositFilter> that you'll find at the bottom of the file. Set it
to an APRS-IS-style filter (b/* for all) and it will save and reload the
matching most-recent posit packets when the client is closed and
restarted. I do NOT recommend this on a full-feed instance unless you
really clamp down on the filtering! (Read: VERY slow to restart!)
Also, an amazing number of posits contain non-printable characters. It
turns out that the XML format doesn't support saving characters with
ASCII values less than 32, so some stations may not be restored. Also,
the saved posits are just that, posit packets. There's no recalling of
the RF/IS status of said station, but they all appear to have been heard
from APRS-IS. That said, the AGE of the posit is recorded and restored
and used for expiring old stations, so if your client is down for a long
time, you can expect to see the loaded stations for up to 30 seconds
before they disappear due to age.

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