Causes APRSISCE/32 to transmit an immediate position packet based on the Beaconing configuration. If a GPS is not currently enabled, Transmit also allows the current station (ME) to be moved to the center of the screen after a confirmation has been given.

Enables - Toggle the Enabled status of many APRSISCE/32 program features

Messages - APRS Messaging support including Announcements, Bulletins, and Chat

Screen - Select features displayed on the main (Map) portion of the screen. Intended for on-the-fly options.

View - Select what station(s) you want to see on the map

Configure - Configure most of APRSISCE/32 features. Intended for set-and-forget options.

Clear - Clear (forget) various accumulated and/or configured "cruft".

About - Display credits, version, and check for update availability.

Exit - If Exit Confirmations are enabled, a Restart option is also provided.

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