Paths allows one to visualize the path that packets being handled by the RF network.


The Screen|Paths|Appearance… link will open a dialog box that allows selection of a number of different criteria, as well as customization of a number of parameters.
The Station (Pkt) check box toggles…
The ME check box toggles…
The Network (Links) check box toggles the display of lines showing the path taken by a packet to get to the station receiving the packet. The paths shown can be filtered on a number of criteria:

  • RF Only : Only packets heard via RF are plotted and packets heard via the Internet are not shown
  • All : Overrides all of the following check boxes.
    • Direct : Packets heard from the source with no hops used (source to final).
    • First : Packets originating at the source, but heard by another station (source to digi).
    • Middle : Packets being passed from one station to another (digi to digi).
    • Final : Packets being received via an intermediate station (digi to final)

Final is either the RF station that heard the packet or the IGate contained in the APRS-IS packet.

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