Just a few quick notes here until I make time to do a more complete page.

I just tested the new Kenwood TH-D75 HT's Bluetooth connection to the TNC (Thank you to W6GPS for the loan of the radio) and IT WORKS! And even better, it works the same as the TH-D74! But you do have to do a few manual settings as well as get it paired with Bluetooth on your APRSIS32 machine.

On the TH-D74, you need to set the following:

Menu 590 - APRS / Other / PC Output - Set to Raw Packets

Menu 981 - Configuration / Interface / PC Output (GPS) - Optionally set to Bluetooth
Menu 982 - Configuration / Interface / PC Output (APRS) - Optionally set to Bluetooth
Menu 983 - Configuration / Interface / KISS - Definitely set to Bluetooth

I did not test the GPS nor APRS output over Bluetooth, but did test and verify the KISS output.

Once that is set up, you need to manually use the APRS function (keypad 5) to put the TNC into KISS 12 mode. APRSIS32 doesn't yet have any <OpenCmd>s to do this for you.

In APRSIS32, AFTER pairing the radio to Windows, you need to create a new Simply(KISS)-type port. The connection will be Bluetooth and select the Bluetooth name of your paired D75. The default name is TH-D75 but this may be customized in the Radio's Menu 935 Configuration / Bluetooth / Device Information then Edit, but apparently only if the Bluetooth is currently disconnected.

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