TT4 Telemetry
TT4 Telemetry
Using's message sending facility at

I sent the following APRS messages from/to the unit's callsign (KJ4ERJ-7 in my case):

BITS.11111000,KJ4ERJ-7 TinyTrak4

PARM sets the names of the various parameters
UNIT sets the units of the various parameters
EQNS sets the quadratic coefficients for the UNIT conversion
BITS sets the UNIT state of the bit and names the project

You may need different coefficients depending on if you're using the higher resolution settings. Mine are on low resolution and seem to track some semblance of reality (the TT4 is on a West-facing window sill in Palm Bay, Florida).

You can read more about setting up telemetry at

as well as in Chapter 13 of the APRS Spec from

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