What Am I Missing?

I've got an event coming up this weekend and I want to use APRS. I've downloaded the software, hooked up the hardware, but it doesn't work. What am I missing?

You are missing about 3 weeks of time that you will probably need in order to get your head wrapped around all of the things you need to get in place to make it all work.

Truly setup and configuration of APRSISCE/32 only takes about 15 minutes from a completely fresh install if you have everything you need in place and ready to go. That 15 minutes includes brewing a pot of coffee and getting all set up to go.

The three weeks is the learning curve on understanding APRS, the com ports, USB to serial ports, internet connectivity, and all the interrelated bits that are necessary to make things all work together.

There's a fairly steep learning curve with APRS, all the hardware, software, and internet connectivity, and then understanding how it all melds together. If you have familiarity with all of that, then getting APRSISCE/32 up and running with RF and internet connectivity is fairly easy.

For lack of a better place to put the link, here's some additional food for thought on free Amateur Radio software from G4ILO (sk):

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